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  • Common Types of Construction Site Accidents in New York

    Written by: Attorney Jacob Oresky The construction industry has one of the highest worker injury rates of any occupation. Injured workers are almost always entitled to Workers’ Compensation which pays for medical expenses and lost wages, however they may also be entitled to money damages from ... Read more

  • Motorcycle Injury Statistics


    Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration consistently show that that operating a motorcycle on the roadways in America is a risky proposition, with accident rates much higher that other motor vehicles. Here are some startling and sobering statistics. The number of fatal cra... Read more

  • Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents


    According to the Centers for Disease Control, 743 people were killed in 2013 in accidents involving bicycles, a decrease from the high of 772 in 2006, but a significant increase from just two years earlier, when the death toll stood at 682. The injury rate, which has hovered at or above 50,000 f... Read more

  • Division of Coal Mine Workers’ Compensation (DCMWC)


    The Federal Black Lung Program, administered by the Division of Coal Minne Workers' Compensation, is a federal program that serves coal miners and their survivors who are currently receiving federal workers' compensation benefits, or who have filed a claim for benefits. The DCMWC handles all cla... Read more