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  • Is it about Politics or is it about Market?

    Is it about Politics or is it about Market? By now everyone has heard the remarks made by self-proclaimed "9 times billionaire" Donald Trump on his announcement for President when he was reported as saying derogatory things about Mexico and its people. Most have heard of the swift reaction amo... Read more

  • Growth of the Hispanic Population not met by Hispanic Lawyers

    Growth of the Hispanic Population not met by Hispanic Lawyers As we all realize, the Hispanic population in the U.S. continues to grow at double digit rates. Of the many states with a significant Hispanic population, Texas leads the pack with over 10 million Hispanics or 40% in the State of Texas ... Read more

  • Equal Pay Act Falling Short

    Study Shows Women Still Paid Less for Similar Work When President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, proponents foresaw a future where men and women working in the same jobs would be paid the same wages. At the time, statistics showed that women earned about 59 cents to the dollar fo... Read more

  • When Mama Dies, the Turf War Begins: Who Takes Title to the Family Farm?

    Almost nothing is as sacred to Texans as the ownership of real estate, free from the claims of others. For decades, boundary disputes have erupted into family feuds, squatters run off at gunpoint, and poachers bear the brunt of Texas-style citizens arrests. We take our ownership of this precious re... Read more

  • and Bazaarify Introduce Catalyst™

    Introducing Catalyst™ Business Reputation Management Services The Internet and Social Media have given a voice to millions, offering web visitors the opportunity to provide reviews on a multitude of products and services. Studies indicate that more and more consumers rely on online reviews to m... Read more

  • Bronx Metro-North Derailment Victim Seeks Compensation for Injuries

    Bronx Derailment Victim Seeks Compensation for Injuries With the Help of Attorney Michael Lamonsoff Denise Williams, a dentist and retired Army colonel, injured in the Metro-North train derailment in the Bronx Sunday, has filed notice of claim against the commuter railroad. Her attorney is Micha... Read more

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