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  • Jeffrey Rattikin Takes Helm of

    Jeffrey Rattikin Takes Helm of Jeffrey A. Rattikin, a partner at Rattikin & Rattikin, LLP, has joined Dallas-based Attorney Store as a partner, and as its new president. A commercial and residential real estate attorney with a quarter century of practice experi... Read more

  • Getting a Common Law Marriage Recognized in a Non-Common-Law State

    The majority of states have laws providing that marriages are only recognized when created with a marriage license and official marriage ceremony. Such laws are very important because many rights depend on the existence of a valid marriage. For instance, only a wife is entitled to an equitable s... Read more


    Has the SOPA/PIPA protest and blackout killed the bills? The anti-SOPA/PIPA movement has enlisted the support of millions of Internet users, who have signed petitions and contacted legislators with objections to the bills. Will petitions and demands of constituents effectively halt passage of... Read more

  • SOPA and PIPA – A Chill Blowing Through Cyberspace?

    Could SOPA Mean Chinese-Style Control of the Net? On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, Wikipedia and other websites shutdown in order to protest proposed legislation that would purportedly reduce online piracy by making it easier to shutdown websites offering illegal content. Both bills – the Stop Onl... Read more

  • Advanced Family Law Texas Ranger Ticket Giveaway

    Calling All Baseball Fans! Come stop by the GetLegal booth at the Advanced Family Law CLE to say hi and drop off your business card for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the August 28th Texas Rangers game vs. the Anaheim Angels at the Ballpark in Arlington! We look forward to seeing you! ... Read more

  • Welcome to the Advanced Family Law CLE 2011

    GetLegal would like to welcome all of the attorneys that were able to make it down to beautiful San Antonio for the Advanced Family Law CLE presented by the TexasBar. We hope everyone had a nice trip down. Stop by the GetLegal booth and say hi!... Read more

  • Choosing Valuation Dates for Assets in Divorce Cases in New York

    New York Domestic Relations Law §236 part b under subd. 4 paragraph B states “as soon as practical, as soon as a matrimonial action has been commenced, the court shall set the date or dates the parties shall use for the valuation of each asset. The valuation date or dates may be any time... Read more

  • San Bruno Gas Line Explosion

    A catastrophic explosion occurred on Thursday, Sept. 9 in San Bruno, killing six people and injuring more than 50 others. The explosion and subsequent fire destroyed over 40 homes in the area after a gas line ruptured. The gas line was owned and operated by PG&E. Read Full Article ... Read more

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