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  • The Higher Divorce Rates—Doctors or Businessmen?

    Though most people perceive that doctors are more likely to be involved in a divorce than individuals in other professions, a recent study actually suggests otherwise. The study, , published by The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), examined at the divorce rates of more than 6.5 million i... Read more

  • Parents of “Affluenza Teen” File for Divorce Again

    The parents of a Texas teen who escaped incarceration through the use of an "affluenza" defense have filed for divorce for a second time. Fred and Tonya Couch, the father and mother of Ethan, obtained a legal divorce before the young man killed four bystanders while recklessly driving a vehicle in... Read more

  • Tax Strategies for Divorce

    A divorce can have significant tax ramifications, so it's important that you plan accordingly. Here are some tips. Child Support and Alimony Payments It's important to understand the tax implications of both child support and alimony payments. As a general rule, alimony is deemed to be income... Read more

  • Successful Strategies for Moving On after a Divorce

    In the aftermath of a divorce, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. You may, rightfully, feel a tremendous sense of loss or failure. Here are some suggestions to help you turn your divorce into a positive event in your life: Take time to get to know yourself again—Often, in an attempt to kee... Read more

  • Choosing Where You Live after Divorce because of Your Children

    Lea en español When you are involved in a divorce and there are minor children, one of your worst fears, as a non-custodial parent, is that your relationship with your children will suffer. Even if your relationship with your ex is strong, or he/she encourages access, you may choose to sta... Read more

  • Family Therapist Develops Workshop to Help Parents after Divorce

    Family Therapist Develops Workshop to Help Parents after Divorce Marriage and family therapist Anne Buettner has spent a lot of time working with families of divorce, so she understands the unique challenges that parents and children face. Drawing on her experience, she's put together a workshop ... Read more

  • Avoiding the Common Mistakes When Dividing Finances after a Divorce

    Avoiding the Common Mistakes When Dividing Finances after a Divorce In the aftermath of a marital breakup, determining how assets and debts will be allocated can be the most challenging task. Without competent legal guidance, there are a number of common miscues that many people make. Failing to... Read more

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