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  • What Is Executive Privilege?

    Over the past year, you’ve probably read or heard something about “executive privilege.” It’s an impressive-sounding phrase that seems to suggest great power, but you may wonder what sorts of actions it covers and when it can be invoked. Probably the most famous claim of executive privil... Read more

  • The GDPR and the Future of Privacy

    A few years ago, the comedian John Oliver mocked the dense language that many tech companies employ in their user agreements (and the gullibility of users who just want to click past the boring stuff and get on with their music or games or news). He claimed, “If you want to do something evil, ... Read more

  • Bayer Halts Sales of Essure

    A quick search for “Essure Birth Control” on Facebook yields a long and troubling list of results, many identifying problems with the Essure device and offering support for women who have suffered injuries. The sheer volume of results means that, for anyone who has been paying attention to the c... Read more

  • Why the Supreme Court Matters

    With the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, that august judicial body and its importance to the lives of citizens has been much in the news, a fact that speaks to the continued vitality of an entity that is more than two hundred years old. The Supreme Court was created by ... Read more

  • The End of MAVNI: Military Service and Paths to Citizenship

    Back in 2009, the Department of Defense instituted a new program called MAVNI: Military Accessions Vital to National Interest. These accessions were not technological or financial. Rather, they were actual human resources, potential military recruits who possessed special linguistic or medical s... Read more

  • Child Protective Services Investigations Explained

    Every state maintains an agency that is authorized to receive and investigate reports of alleged child abuse and child neglect. In addition, the agency (which may be called Child Protective Services (CPS), Children Youth & Families, or the Department of Social Services), is also supposed to ... Read more

  • No-contest Clauses in Wills

    It can be hard to set aside a will even under ordinary circumstances: courts give deference to wills because (as their name implies), wills are supposed to represent the wishes of the testator. If you seek to set aside a will because you feel you did not receive what you are entitled to, you must be... Read more

  • Foreclosure Fraud

    When the housing market crashed in 2008, thousands of people lost their homes. The wave of foreclosures created a situation ripe for abuse. Unfortunate homeowners fell victim to practices that included false “mortgage assistance services,” fake documents, and illegal and inappropriate proced... Read more

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