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  • California and the End of Cash Bail

    California is on track to become the first state to eliminate money bail with the passage of California Senate Bill 10, but, even as the bill becomes law, it continues to attract controversy. California SB10 has been shaped over two years of thought and debate; it was intended to help lower-incom... Read more

  • Prescriptions in 3D

    Once in a while, a technology comes along that promises to revolutionize everything, from how we travel to how we communicate to how we organize our lives. Arguably, automotive technology did just that in the early twentieth century, and, more recently, cellular technology changed both business and ... Read more

  • Heat, Cold and Animal Cruelty

    The end of summer brings a final blast of hot days along with the realization that cold weather is just around the corner. For pet owners in some states, extreme weather also carries some liability: it may be illegal to leave your pet outside in certain temperatures.   In 2017, Pennsylvan... Read more

  • Taping Conversations

    The topic of taped conversations, both in person and on the phone, has been in the news lately. Omarosa Manigault Newman’s account of recording both her firing by Chief of Staff John Kelly and a subsequent phone call with President Trump might lead people to believe that taping conversations is bo... Read more

  • Children’s Privacy Online

    The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA was passed in 1998 and amended in 2012. “The primary goal of COPPA,” wrote the FTC in the FAQ, “is to place parents in control over what information is collected from their young children (under 13) online.” The provisions of the Act ar... Read more

  • The Policy and Law of Supervised Drug Injection Sites

    The opioid epidemic has sent doctors and legislators scrambling for solutions. The federal government has attempted to both block access to opioids and improve treatment options for those who are already addicted. The medical community has looked to specialized training and careful prescription ... Read more

  • The Shape of a District: Gerrymandering and Political Power

    With a little over two months remaining until the November midterm elections, three federal judges of the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that North Carolina’s map of congressional districts had been drawn to offer a deliberate and impermissible advantage to Republicans. The map ... Read more

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