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  • Challenging a Will

    You’ve seen this dramatic moment play out a dozen times or more in movies and television shows: a family gathers for the reading of a will; the attorney announces its provisions; everyone gasps. The expected heir has been disinherited; he storms out, declaring, “I’ll see you in court!” B... Read more

  • Navigating Foreclosure

    Foreclosure Defined The U.S. housing bubble burst almost ten years ago, but as people struggle to make payments on their properties, foreclosure remains an important (and misunderstood) legal process. Most home-buyers cannot afford to purchase a home outright, so they need to obtain mortgage lo... Read more

  • Custody 101 for Fathers

    Fathers today are taking a more active role in their children’s lives than ever before. They take paternity leave when their children are born; they assume an active role in childcare. Courts have begun to recognize the importance of fathers in the case of custody. While the law historically favor... Read more

  • Selling Your Home: A Legal Checklist

    As if selling your home is not hard enough, there are legal aspects that can complicate the process and must be considered. During these emotionally draining and legally complex transitional periods, it is important to think about the legal aspects of selling your home to ensure you protect your fam... Read more

  • Understanding Marijuana Laws

    Lea en español The marijuana debate has been in the news more frequently over the past four years. Applicable state laws regarding possession and use differ greatly across the United States, and many are in conflict with federal law. Navigating these laws can be complicated, but it is imperative... Read more

  • Selecting a Probate or Estate Attorney

    A loved one passes away. You and other family members are in mourning. Eventually a will is produced. After reading the will, you find you have significant problems with what the will says. Now what do you do? You need to find a probate or estate lawyer and have a consultation to determine whether c... Read more

  • Drug and Medical Device Recalls

    Although pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices must pass stringent approval procedures, they are still at the center of personal-injury lawsuits every year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with protecting the public from defective and dangerous medical devices and drugs. T... Read more

  • When Must a Pharmaceutical Company Warn Users About Potential Dangers?

    When is a warning required? Dangerous drugs and medical devices enter the marketplace on a regular basis. To protect users and patients from potential hazards, the law places a duty on manufacturers to warn users of the potential dangers associated with each product. Generally, manufacturers of... Read more

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